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My choice! And at the time I thought this was great at the time but I admit I'd practically forgotten the plot until I read a couple of reviews ( such as http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/theatre-dance/reviews/bu21-trafalgar-studios-review-terrorism-a7523981.html ).
It was quite uncomfortable to watch as it did feel a little voyeuristic and the really annoying banker character, Alex, kept asking the audience provocative questions about why we'd chosen to go and see something about a terrorist attack. In that respect it was quite similar to the Jamie Bulger play from a few years ago.
I found the van guy most interesting. He became the media's hero as he claimed to have saved people but it turned out he was miles away when the plane came down and rather than running to the scene, ran away from it.
All in all, I found this thought-provoking and intelligent. It wasn't easy to watch but it was engaging.

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