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Nick Baxter

Two hours of Shakespeare with expressive dance. Walk out at the interval? I nearly didn't walk in... but it was actually quite good. Strange imagery. Weird jerky dancing. Strange gulf war costumes and plastic bagging.
There was one point, when two dancers were wearing sheets over their heads with holes cut out, that I thought it was going to turn into a comedy. Although through all this I did really enjoy it. It would have been impossible to follow if you weren't familiar with Macbeth but thankfully we have sat through enough Shakespeare follow it even when its being acted out by 3 girls jerking around in tea coloured leotards. If this doesn't lead to a theatre club ban on Shakespeare nothing will.

Richard Davidson

Well, well, well, who would of thought that we'd enjoy Skakespeare at my bete noire theatre The Young Vic? It was weirdly atmospheric and striking. I only groaned a handle of times at the leotarded witches or the body-bagging of Macduff's soldiers. Even it isn't stating the bleeding obvious, the production was trying too hard and some of it was annoying to watch but some of it was engaging and well done. The acting and dancing was very good. If only they could've been done in two separate performances. Although I normally complain about being south of the river I do like the cut and Wahaca beforehand was good. I fear Nick might be right - this is probably the last time we'll see Shakespeare for a while.

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