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Nick Baxter

Wonderful Tapas beforehand at El Parador. As usual a short sprint to the theatre to get there on time. The play is Birthday although we are not at the party we are listening in on the conversation of people who have escaped the party for a moment.
There was good acting and and passable american accents. Not bad from what I remember. What I do remember is that this was the night that a few records fall. The fewest people in the Audience (14) and at 45 minutes this must be the shortest play we have ever seen. Good pick Richard, a new personal best ;-)


I enjoyed this. The location was cosy and the characters felt real. Didn't we find out part way through that the guy was married or something - I can't remember the plot. We drank beer afterwards in the beer garden with the actors. Well, not WITH the actors, but near them.

Did we really only have two Theatre Club outings in 2011? That's terrible. I realise I must shoulder most of the blame for this as it was obviously my turn to choose after this one. Oh dear. Let's make sure that 2012 sees a revival.

I must check when we last paid the annual subscription for this blog too - I'm sure you guys must owe me some money...

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