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A nice change for Theatre Club. This was light and fluffy and pleasantly entertaining.
Completely different demographic in the audience too - lots of blue rinse and provincial types.
Penelope Keith was great as Mrs Malaprop. Wonder if she only ever plays posh, middle-aged busy-body types?
Some of the other actors in this weren't that good and there was a tendency to over-act although I imagine the play lends itself to overacting.
I'm not sure that the characters of Faulkland and Julia added anything to the story at all and simply made it longer and less interesting. All of the characters were pretty unappealing I thought with the possible exception of the maid.
The play wasn't exactly challenging but then it's sometimes nice when Theatre Club doesn't challenge!
Wagamamas was good beforehand although not slimming. I have written this whole review while listening to Katy Perry's Firework. I heart it....


Where the hell has my photo gone...


Does this work? Now listening to Then Jericho's The Motive. My ipod is random.....


I liked this more than I expected to. Light-hearted fun.

Nick Baxter

Not bad from what I remember (which isn't very much)

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