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Very dated but still lots of fun. I had no idea that Victoria Wood had such a huge gay male following.


I enjoyed this but, just like her Acorn Antiques musical, it was a bit up and down. Some really funny bits and some not so funny bits.

I loved the two main characters - there were many similarities with her 'Kimberley and friend' duo from her TV series. Some of the jokes were also familiar but that just made it feel more nostalgic and cosy. I also really liked the opening numbers - particularly the one with the three male singers.

All in all it was a very pleasant romp but I agree with Mel that it was slightly dated. Having said that there were many similarities with Northern clubs in the twenty-first century....

It was lovely to see her before the show although Melanie was a chicken for not talking to her about Bury. Food in the restaurant at the Menier was v nice. £29 for the theatre meal deal was good value. Well done Ms Rimmer.


I didn't see this one but if it had Victoria Wood in I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked it - sorry VW but wearing a beret and speaking with a regional wasn't even that funny in the eighties so it might be time to retire that routine.

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