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Unfortunately I can't find my notes for this play so I'll be brief. I really enjoyed it. The production was very well done, and the script was almost poetic. The three actors were unknown to me but all were outstanding. It was very intensive for them and for the audience but I was gripped. Quintessentially British, Overspill is about lad culture in the 21st century. What starts as a very upbeat, jolly scene about a night out drinking and eating McDonald's is ripped apart by a bomb in South London and then a series of other bombs as the three lads try to track down the perpetrator.
Think we ate in a hamburger place before the play but it is that long ago I can't be sure....


In common with all the plays that we've seen at the Soho Theatre, I thought this was excellent. Brilliantly performed by 3 young actors, this was a very intense play. With little scenery, and hardly any time spent off stage, this must have been an exhausting show to perform. The energy of the actors was amazing, and they really brought home the tension of the situation to the audience. The only thing that slightly jarred for me, was that the action was set in Bromley. It would have felt more real if it had been somewhere a bit more gritty like Hackney (or dare I say, Walthamstow...?)


We have seen some excellent modern theatre at the Soho house I hoped this would be good. The story of three wide boys from Bromley on a wild day out getting wrapped up in what we think may be a terrorist bombing. They act out the story with minimal set, using just three concrete balls (it must be some sort of Bromley thing) they fill in the gaps with excellent acting. The first scene opens and the stage is set for the story we are expecting to see of lads on a beery day out, but later on the story begins to be told and indeed invented by different members of the group. They guide the story in the direction they want to often arguing about how the story should develop. There was some excellent acting here, the three and actors managing to produce the atmosphere and scenery big scenes - like an angry mob, police interrogation, all in the style of a story being retold in the pub. Good acting, good story and interesting experimentation with the way the narrative developed depending on who was telling the story. Gourmet Burger co is always a crowd pleaser - top marks.


I remember the language and delivery being hypnotic, like a spoken word performance. I remember the pace being quick, of the plot and of the actors moving around the stage at certain points, bouncing off each other both verbally and physically. And I remember how the audience of teens who seemed out of their comfort zone, shifting and sniggering in their seats at the start, were taken in and wrapped up. These reaching-out-to-the-kids, street lingo, theatre things can go badly wrong. This worked because it wasn't patronising, just simple and -despite the storyline - upbeat.


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