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We're a group of friends living in London who decided that we should make more of the theatre opportunities here. We go to the theatre once a month, taking it in turns to chose what we go to see.

We are: Angela, Chris, Melanie, and Richard.

We're using this weblog to keep track of what we've seen, what we thought, and also to help us remember whose turn it is to pick next month's outing.

STOP PRESS: In June 2005 Our London Theatre Club welcomed Nick to it's ranks (since he'd been kind enough to agree to marry Angela, we thought it only fair!).

We are now: Angela, Chris, Melanie, Nick, and Richard.

STOP PRESS 2: In June 2007 Chris decided he could take no more. He confessed that he'd rather be lounging on the sofa at home watching telly than squashed in an uncomfortable seat watching drama, sweetie. Sadly, Chris resigned from the Theatre Club (although he's still going to come for dinner with us before the show!).

We are now: Angela, Melanie, Nick, and Richard.

STOP PRESS 3: In August 2009 Angela gave birth to baby Alice - a future luvvie, no doubt. So, Angela and Nick will be part-time members of Theatre Club for the time being, joining us when they can.

We are now: Melanie, Richard, and Angela and Nick when they can make it.

STOP PRESS 4: In May 2016 Nicola Wood joined our theatre club.

We are now: Melanie, Richard, Nick and Nicola.