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Amazing, fantastic, a real treat. That was how I would describe the food at the Mercuro Mercantile. I had a truly memorable Brisket burger with fries. Craft beer to go alongside and slightly loud background music. Worth a return trip to Sarf london for the food alone.
The play was pretty average but you can't have everything. I've read some reviews where people claimed there was a standing ovation. On the night we went some people did stand up but I think they trying to be first out the door so they could get to the bar...

Nick Baxter

Richard told me the comments were locked so I had to try it out.....


It is working now


Although this ran to 160 mins it was surprisingly quick and enjoyable. Set around the Clapton O's experience in the First World War it focussed on the relationship between friends from the north east Richard McFadden and William Jonas. Some of the reviews have been pretty scathing (including Nick's!) but I think that it was really powerful and both funny and moving in equal measure.
Some of it was slightly predictable and twee but it had some great acting and some powerful characters. Nick Hancock was the weak link for me and seemed wooden and awkward.
Southwark Playhouse was great (if in zone 3) and the food market we visited before was one of the best places we've eaten - well worth the visit.

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