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Abominations was an abomination! Worst thing I've seen, ever, by far. From the passive aggressive producer enraptured by his own work to the acting so bad it was funny. This was awful. Malcolm, the Chesney Hawk-a like leading actor was the best of a bad bunch but Jeff and Sharon should think about giving up the game. The play put homophobia against a backdrop of a gay love story to explore themes of prejudice and hypocrisy but it was so dated and clumsily written it came across like a walk through of a 1980's ITV comedy (that never made it to air).
Mercifully short but for me a low point in Theatre clubs history. Welcome to new member Nicola! It can only get better...


Nicholas you are being unduly harsh. Yes it was shite, yes it was clumsy but I did find it entertaining. Jeff's son and Sharon's husband was very good I thought and there were funny little moments. It just seemed dated, weirdly religious and badly written and acted. It is a real shame as I like that little theatre and I think we've now seen three poor things there.
God only knows what our newest member thinks of Theatre Club after this....
Wagamama's was good as were the drinks after the play.

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