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I have mixed feelings about this one.
I'd chosen it in a rush and it was a mistake. Although I love Shakespeare and the seats were v cheap (£10) it was way too long for a week night and the seats were very uncomfortable.
Shame that this will go down as the one we all left at the interval.
The first half was actually really enjoyable. We all followed it (despite not having any prior knowledge of the story) and the acting and direction were very engaging.
Meal at Tas on the Cut was a nice change and it was good to be joined by Angela and Alice.
Since we watched this, C and I went to see Henry IVth part one at the Globe on a Saturday night and that was much more enjoyable. Seats were much more comfy and it didn't matter that it was long as it was a weekend. Plus it was a scorching evening and it was good to be open air....

Nick Baxter

I didn't see this so I can't comment but I did have a lovely meal at Tas on the cut. Maybe the Old Vic's creative direction is too pretentious(old and fussy) for the theatre clubs youthful pallette as we've seen a few plays there that got bad reviews.


This looked like it would have been decent, light-hearted entertainment. But we were tired and it was a school night. How embarrassing/shameful/philistine. We obviously just weren't in the mood. I'd go see it again, but on a summer's evening at the Globe or the Regents Park open air theatre - a far better ambience for a bit of Shakespeare.

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